Selecting the Best Advertising Agency for You

Creating a successful advertising campaign

Written by Holly Jones

There are some seven hundred advertising agencies in the United Kingdom. They vary enormously in size, in the scope of their operations and the degree of expertise which they can offer.

How does one set about selecting a suitable agency? The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising will provide a list of agencies with names and addresses. Most agencies obtain new clients by means of recommendations.

Out of home advertising is amongst one of the most popular means of marketing. However, a close second is certainly street marketing. Having street teams is a great way for small businesses to promote their products.

Having a street team is definitely an exciting and excellent way of engaging with new customers.

You don’t have to do all of the research yourself – hire a staffing agency that specialises in street marketing. This agency will be able to organise everything so the right location and demographic is targeted. Click here for street marketing in Stoke-on-Trent.

Please get in touch with us if you have any suggestions of selecting an advertising agency.

What’s your best approach?

Where a suitable introduction does not present itself, however, the online marketing manager can choose his agency by assessing its results. This is probably the best approach. If one sees a series of advertisements which appeal and then makes direct contact with the agency concerned, one is likely to be in harmony with its creative personnel.

Care should be taken, however, to ensure that the agency selected has some knowledge and experience of the market into which one’s product is to be sold.

Most agencies specialize and the approach they have developed successfully for one type of market or one class of products may not be suitable for others.

Communication with the agency’s personnel is facilitated when they have some related experience of the client’s market and class of product. They are able to grasp the essentials of the subject better and a good rapport can be created quickly.

Another important consideration is the size of the agency in relation to the scope of the advertising campaign one has in mind.

An award winning advertising agency

Exterion Media is known for being one of the UK’s largest and most successful advertising agencies. They have access to hundreds of displays in London and other UK cities. Click here for out-of-home advertising.

Hello London, National Rail and Retail campaigns set up by Exterion Media have previously reached 3.5 million UK consumers, thus creating 195 million impressions over a weekly period.

They are continuing to introduce new formats, in the hope to grow advertiser’s impressions with selected campaigns. Call 0800 80 85 619 for more information.

OOH advertising campaigns

Creating interest for your audience

A small outfit may have insufficient resources at its command to handle adequately a large and intensive campaign; whereas a fairly modest advertising appropriation may not evoke sufficient interest for one of the leading agencies, the majority of whose clients spend many hundreds or thousands of pounds annually in their advertising budgets.

Take a look at previous campaigns.

Finding the right agency is, therefore, never an easy task. Even when one has made a decision, it is an obvious precaution to limit the initial contract to a trial period only. See marketing designs.

This enables one to discover whether the two organizations can work together harmoniously, whether their combined talents will ‘gel’ effectively.